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RPublishing and sixus1 teamed up to bring you Punky Pop. This hip, punk rock set can be used for all types of fashion scenes with the many add-on textures that are out there. Or use the leather jacket and/or platform boots with The Jeanz, or even the Diva outfit for a more classic rock feel. It comes with the Leather Jacket, shorts, belted skirt, platform boots, pieces to cover boots, and Hair. Read More
The RPublishing and Rhiannon projects, The Doctor's Scrubs and The Doctor's Lab Coat are a big hit in the Renderosity Marketplace. These were fun projects that we did with Halloween costumes in mind, but are also very functional throughout the year since they honor all the professionals in the medical and dental field. Read More
The Ripped Shirt and Bra is our most recent project with Rhiannon. As the Fall weather creeps in, we start thinking about Halloween and all the frightening things that go along with it. Around here, we love anything to do with zombies, from tv shows, movies, costumes, and video games. So we figured a zombie inspired ripped and bloody t-shirt would be a great start to this time of year. We hope you like it as much as we do. Read More
RPublishing and Rhiannon have released a cool, Fall outfit for V4, A4, G4, etc. We developed the Night Watcher Outfit after re-watching all of the episodes of one of our favorite shows. This super-conforming outfit has the medieval style leather texture sets that are mixed with some animal fur in the upper part of the cloak. There are extra bones and adjustment morphs in the cloak so you can create perfect poses for your medieval watchmen. And, renapd created a texture add-on set that help show the details of model. If you get Night Watcher, make sure to check-out the Dire Wolves add-on set.

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RPublishing and Rhiannon have released our latest project Fire Princess as a 48 CG Spree. The Fire Princess is a super-conforming fantasy outfit for V4 that includes the Armor, Dress, Trousers, Boots, and Thong. There are two texture sets included for all pieces PLUS bonus gold texture for armor. Mat poses to apply textures, and extra mat poses to hide pants overlay, or pants only. There are extra bones with body handles in the dress for movement, plus extra movement and adjustment morphs for the perfect pose. The thong is included to wear when the pants are hidden and only the overlay is visible. There is also a great add-on set from Sveva called Elements.

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