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Drippy The Clown Uni-Dwarf Add-on by RPublishing, sixus1

Feb 16, 2018 at 12:00 pm by admin

Cirque de Macabre

"Why is he so quiet? Does he ever speak," the little girl asks. "Well, I think that's part of his 'show' her mommy tells her, as the tiny, white faced man struggles to drag some insurmountable weight along, pulling and tugging on some unseen rope or chord. The strange movements of the little man, the sliding of feet and hands moving one over another that should have been an amusing display to the child were wholly unsettling, only made worse by the look on his painted face. 

Behind the sad lines and worried angles of purple were eyes that told the child precisely why this silent performer would never speak, for surely if a sound ever passed his lips the stories of pain and secret desires would be more than the little man himself could stand. And yet she and her mother could only watch on, somehow unable to pull their site from the silent little man the girl knew would haunt her forever.

The Cirque Du Macabre has returned and with it comes Drippy the Clown, a mime inspired character for the Uni-Dwarf from Sixus1 Media, ready to bring his own brand of whimsical darkness to your world.

Cirque de Macabre: Drippy The Clown Uni-Dwarf Add-on REQUIRES Uni-Dwarf


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