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Stinky The Clown Uni-Dwarf Add-on by RPublishing, sixus1

Feb 16, 2018 at 12:00 pm by admin

Cirque Du Macabre

As the lights go black, all except one beam of purple projecting down onto the center ring, a tumbling little man in purple, green and red comes cartwheeling into the little girl's view. "This isn't so bad," her mommy whispers, but little Amanda is sure something just isn't right.

Oh, she pleaded with her mother to come to see the clowns, the animals and all the bright spectacles of the circus. But as the diminutive figure with the large purple ovals over the eyes in his sad, droopy little face looks up, the little girl begins to realize that not everything bright and exciting is what it seems and that all the beautiful colors and lights sometimes are merely the facade to something horrible.

A languid somersault from the clown ends with him poised mere feet away from the girl and her rapt mother, and as he bows in a gesture that should be gracious, he raises his face in a smiling stare that belies his true nature. Stinky the Clown, a character based on the Uni-Dwarf from Sixus1 Media, arrives to bring his special kind of sad-sack-insanity to your Poser world.


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