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Ashe M4 by RPublishing, gypsyangel

Jun 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm by admin

Ashe M4

Ashe is the warrior poet of the clan-- brought up with a deep sense of justice and honor. 

With 6 different face options including regular and scarred mats along with 7 different eye colors and 8 reflections, he can fit into any scene, anywhere! 
So when you need a man, a REAL man, not some makeup wearing, emo tear tracking, sparkling pretty boy---then bring home this warrior poet and let him unleash his majick... 

Ashe is optimized for Poser 6-8 and should work fine in Poser 9 along with 2012 Pro. 
He comes with DAZ Studio mats provided by NeilV for DAZ Studio 3&4. He also comes with a No Shader option that can be used in different types of software including Carrara or earlier Poser versions. I cannot guarantee that you can get M4 into earlier Poser versions than 5. 

DAZ Studio mats and No Shader mats are provided as a courtesy only! I cannot give any support to these programs. I only support Poser 6, 7 and 8, along with Poser Pro 7.