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Nerd Crush for DAZ Studio by Rhiannon

Mar 27, 2019 at 11:08 am by admin

Nerd Crush for DAZ Studio

Nerd Crush is a new clothing pack for all your DAZ Studio Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females. This pack is so much fun, and full of nerdy goodness!!

Socks and Sneakers include separate left and right surfaces for some fun and wacky options.

Blouse loads with the bowtie as a prop, but the bowtie can be hidden or deleted if needed. The bowtie can be adjusted via the parameter dials, or morphs included.

Suspenders load with the buttons as props, but you can hide or delete the buttons as well.

The Tutu Skirt is dForce enabled, but also includes left, right, front left, front right, and back groups that can be direct selected and moved where needed for posing via parameter dials. Also included is an "Expand Outer Skirt" morph if there are any areas that need a little help afer simulating, plus other adjustment morphs as well.


Included in this package:

- Nerd Crush Blouse with Bowtie (.duf)
- Nerd Crush Tutu Skirt (.duf)
- Nerd Crush Suspenders, with Nerd Buttons (.duf)
- Nerd Crush Socks (.duf)
- Nerd Crush Sneakers (.duf)
- Nerd Crush Glassses (.duf)
- Default Material Settings for all
- 3 Material Options for Socks
- 3 Material Options for Sneakers
- 2 Material Options for Suspenders
- 2 Material Options for Bowtie
- Option to Hide tape on Glasses

All pieces include adjustment and movement morphs for your convenience in fitting and posing. All material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine.


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