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Budget Pony Cars for Poser by willyb53

Mar 30, 2019 at 10:00 am by admin

Budget Pony Cars for Poser

This product contains two Pony Cars, a Ford MustangGT and a Dodge Challenger. 

Both vehicles contain only two Controls, located in the Body of the model for Steering, including steering wheel, and Rotate Wheels.

Each model comes with five textures and five stripe colors, allowing mix and match combinations.


Tips for use

These vehicles use reflection, and will look best using raytracing and with an environment to reflect back.

Also included are driver poses for V4 and M4 for each vehicle. To use, make sure the vehicle is at zero position, load V4/M4 and apply the pose. Next, select the body of V4/M4 and change its parent to mainbody. To have the hands work with the steering wheel, turn on IK for left and right arms, select the hands one at a time, and parent to the steering wheel.