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Head Shaping Morphs MR for Poser La Femme by 3DSublimeProductions

Feb 07, 2020 at 10:25 am by admin

La Femme Head Shaping Morphs

Head Shaping Morphs MR by 3DSublimeProductions allow you to create your own La Femme for Poser characters with this assortment of shaping morphs.

This asset includes morphs for La Femme's nose, lips, cheeks, face, eyes, chin, and full head.

Nose Morphs include Wing Adjust, Wing Lower, Nasal Spine Adjust, Bridge Adjust, Lower All, Raise All, Pinch Full, Widen Lower, Widen Upper, Lower Nose Sculpt, Nostril Sculpt, Bridge Slope, and Bridge Protrude.

Lip Morphs include Full Shape, Mouth Corners Down, Mouth Corners Up, Cupids Bow Raise, Cupids Bow Lower, Mouth Small, Mouth Wide, Lower Lip Center Down, Lower Lip Center Up, Lower Lip Adjust Shape, Lower Lip Sculpts, Upper Lip Center Cleft, Top Lip Sculpts, Top Lip Bow, Bottom Lip Bow, Lip Top Points Remove, Lip Bottom Coners In, Top Lip Corners Lower, Lips Inflate All, Top Lip Inflate, Bottom Lip Inflate, and two Lip Bonuses.

Cheek Morphs include Sink, Inflate, Enhance, and Upper Cheek Smooth.

Face Adjustment Morphs are shape and sculpt.

Eye Morphs are Inner Eye Smooth and Inner Eye Adjust.

Full Head Face Shapes are Amelia Full Head Shape, Angelica Full Head Shape, Aniella Full Head Shape, Sierra Full Head Shape, and Veronica Full Head Shape.