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Work and Leisure Series for Poser

Sep 15, 2020 at 10:44 am by admin

Work and Leisure Series for Poser

Throughout difficult times, we have encountered people who go above and beyond to help us through the challenges. The Farmers set pays tribute to those who work hard to put food on our tables.

This set includes six conforming farmers clothing items and six props for Poser's La Femme and L'Homme

The conforming clothes are Farmer Boots, 1 each for La Femme and L'Homme; Farmer Overalls, 1 each for La Femme and L'Homme; and Farmer Shirt, 1 each for La Femme and L'Homme.

Props included are Farmer Wheelbarrow (with rotating wheels); Farmer Hat, 1 each for La Femme and L'Homme; Farmer Bucket; Farmer Pitchfork; Farmer Pitchfork for Right Hand; Farmer Shovel; Farmer Shovel for Right Hand; and Farmer Wheelbarrow Dirt.

Poses included are two each for toes, right hand with shovel and right hand with pitchfork.

The set also comes with 23 Material Presets, optimized for both FireFly and SuperFly. They are 3 Presets for Farmer Boots, 3 Clean Presets for Farmer Overalls, 3 Dirty Presets for Farmer Overalls, 6 Presets for Farmer Shirt, 3 presets for Farmer Hat, 1 preset for Farmer Bucket, 1 preset for Farmer Pitchfork, 1 preset for Farmer Shovel, 1 preset for Farmer Wheelbarrow, and 1 preset for Farmer Wheelbarrow Dirt.

There are also multiple textures, 51 PBR textures total, for the conforming clothing and props.

The following morphs are supported in all clothing:

• La Femme base body morphs
• L'Homme base body morphs
• La Femme base head morphs (mask only)
• L'Homme base head morphs (mask only)
• La Femme Pro body morphs
• L'Homme Pro body morphs
• Femme Fatale Morphs (by Blackhearted, available at Renderosity)
• La Femme Body Kit Morphs (by Deecey, available at Renderosity)
• L'Homme Character Kit Morphs (by RPublishing, available at Renderosity)

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