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Cosplay for La Nurse

Mar 22, 2021 at 10:30 am by admin

Cosplay for La Nurse

Created by DivabugDesigns for RPublishing, Cosplay for La Nurse is a styling super-pack for La Nurse. With this texture and material add-on pack, Poser's La Femme can be a style hero with Cosplay for LaNurse.

Cosplay for LaNurse includes 6 solid colour styles and 4 pattern styles. You can mix-and-match partial styles for each piece.

Textures included in this pack are 6 complete leather colour styles for the Outfit (.mc6), 6 complete leather colour styles for the Hat (.mc6), 10 styles for the Panties(.mc6), and 6 complete styles for the Hat.

Part Styles include 6 styles for the Hat Trim (.mc6), 6 styles for the Hat Logo (.mc6), 12 superfly layer styles for the Hat Logo (.mc6), 8 styles for the Buttons (.mc6), 10 styles for the Straps (.mc6), 10 styles for the Top (.mc6), 10 styles for the TopTrim (.mc6), 10 styles for the Skirt (.mc6), 10 styles for the WaistBand (.mc6), and Hide Skirt style (.mc6).

In total there are 105 mat poses (.mc6) and 59 total texture maps (.jpg) including Texture, Bump, and Transparency maps as required.

Cosplay for La Nurse requires Poser 11+, La Femme and LaNurse by RPublishing and DragonFly. 

Cosplay for La Nurse is a must-have design expansion pack for La Nurse, packed with style options.