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RP Mahou for Poser's Anime 01

Jul 14, 2021 at 03:00 am by admin

RP Mahou for Poser's Anime 01

Created by 3DSublimeProductions, RP Mahou is a texture expansion pack for Poser's Anime 01

This gorgeous add-on set includes seven textures each for Anime 1's top, skirt and bow.

About La Femme

La Femme for Poser has amazing features that are designed to utilize all the power of Poser. She is the Poser figure that you have been waiting and asking for. Beauty combined with versatility and ease of use. La Femme takes advantage of the development team's collective century of design experience to make use of all the features and power found in Poser.

La Femme Pro Bundle | La Femme Starter Bundle

About Anime Girl

Anime Girl is easy to use as a morph for Poser's La Femme. To use the morph, simply inject them from the Pose Library and La Femme will be transformed into an anime beauty. Developed by Blackhearted, nerd and Ilona for RPublishing, Anime Girl was created to take advantage of Poser's comic-style render features.

Anime Girl features high-def morphs, three custom character shapes, custom toon materials, and SuperFly materials. She also comes with 10 materials for the eyes and four starter toon materials for use on any item of clothing or other items.

Anime Girl Starter Bundle | Anime Girl Pro Bundle

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