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A short, sassy, spitfire, ready to explore your runtime...

Introducing Flossie for LaFemme

Flossie is a truly unique character morph and texture package for LaFemme. With petite stature and gnome options, Flossie is the doll you've been waiting for.

Flossie comes complete with 8 makeup styles, 8 separate lip styles and 8 stunning eye options. PLUS 2 torso and limbs styles AND default and doll style options for all.

Separate head and body only morph INJs plus dial-spun body morphs(requires Renderosity Body morphs and Deecey Morph packages with La Femme Pro) AND gnome limbs options, make Flossie a bundle of options and spunk!

Her beautiful custom sculpted face and and body shape will capture your heart and add some spunk to your runtime.


Flossie_La Femme

character morph and textures
for La Femme



Flossie_LaFHead INJ
Flossie_LaF Body INJ
Flossie_Laf Dial Body INJ
Flossie_GnomeSize INJ
Flossie_LaFHead REM
Flossie_LaF Body REM
Flossie_Laf Dial Body REM
Flossie_GnomeSize REM

Textures (.mc6)
Flossie default mat complete

8 Makeup styles
8 Lip Shades
8 Eye Shades
3 Torso Styles with nude and doll options for each
3 Limbs Styles
5 EyeLash Shades

Complex and Simple Materials options

Poser 11+

Flossie_La Femme

**Pleas see ReadMe for tips on fitting clothing to Flossie's unique body shape

About La Femme

La Femme for Poser has amazing features that are designed to utilize all the power of Poser. She is the Poser figure that you have been waiting and asking for. Beauty combined with versatility and ease of use. La Femme takes advantage of the development team's collective century of design experience to make use of all the features and power found in Poser.

La Femme Pro Bundle | La Femme Starter Bundle

Sections: 3D Characters

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