Adorabelle for La Femme

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* Adorabelle for La Femme
o Adorabelle INJs:
--- !Adorabelle FBM INJ: Injects Adorabelle FBM (head and body) and Eye Control morphs (Adorabelle Eyes Closed, Adorabelle LEye Closed, Adorabelle REye Closed, Adorabelle Eyes Cross, Adorabelle Eyes Side-Side, Adorabelle Eyes Up-Down, and Adorabelle Eyes Wince. These eye control dials are located in the BODY actor and should be used in favor of the standard La Femme eye control dials located in the HEAD actor).
---- Adorabelle Body INJ: Injects Adorabelle Body morph only.
---- Adorabelle Head INJ: Injects Adorabelle head morph and all eye control morphs mentioned in FBM INJ.
o Adorabelle REM (FBM, Head, and Body)


Adorabelle is optimized for Poser 11 and 12. Earlier versions of Poser are not supported.

There are material settings that work in both FireFly and SuperFly.

-- P11EZSSS-P12EZSSS: These presets are based on EZSkin by Snarlygribbly, and are used for either P11 or P12.
-- P11EZSSS-P12Physical: Poser 11 uses shaders based on Snarlygribbly's EZ Skin shader. Poser 12 Superfly uses shaders that use the Poser 11 or Poser 12 Physical Surface Node.
-- P12Principled: Poser 12 Superfly uses shaders that use the Poser 12 Cycles root node and the Principled BSDF node that was introduced in Poser 12.

Each preset folder includes the following:

o 1 Adorabelle Base Material Preset
o 6 Eye Color Material Presets
o 16 Adorabelle Face Material Presets

* Textures:
o 20 Face Texture, Bump, Specular and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
o 4 Torso Texture, Bump, Specular and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
o 4 Limb Texture, Bump, Specular and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
o 9 Eye TTexture, Bump, Specular and Roughness Maps (2048 x 2048)
o 1 Lash Transparency Map (2048 x 2048)

About La Femme

La Femme for Poser has amazing features that are designed to utilize all the power of Poser. She is the Poser figure that you have been waiting and asking for. Beauty combined with versatility and ease of use. La Femme takes advantage of the development team's collective century of design experience to make use of all the features and power found in Poser.


Software:   Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

File Types:   OBJ

Base Figures:  L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure, L'Homme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products:   L'Homme Pro - V.2
Sections: 3D Characters

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