Enchanted Cottage for Poser by RPublishing & DM

Aug 03, 2022 at 09:12 pm by admin

Enchanted Cottage for Poser


Scenes: (.PZ3)
- 7 Scene Presets

Props (.PP2)
- Complete Set preload
- Cottage on Mound
- Bench
- Chair
- Table
- Lamp (also for Left/Right Hand)
- Pole Lamp
- Tree for Mound
- Tree centered
- Ferns for Mound
- Fern group centered
- Grasses for Mound
- Grass group centered
- Plants for Mound
- Plant group centered
- Tulips for Mound
- Tulips group centered
- 3 Mushrooms
- Ground

Materials Options (.MC6 & .MT5)
- Lamps ON/OFF
- 8 Tulip Colors

Poses (.PZ2)
- 10 Full Body Poses for sweet La Femme
- all with their mirrored versions
- 4 'GoTo' poses

Light Presets (.LT2)
- 7 Scene Lights

Camera presets (.CM2)
- 7 Cameras

Background images (.PNG)
- 7 Forest backgrounds
- 1 HDRI Environment Map (Forest) (.HDR)
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About La Femme

La Femme for Poser has amazing features that are designed to utilize all the power of Poser. She is the Poser figure that you have been waiting and asking for. Beauty combined with versatility and ease of use. La Femme takes advantage of the development team's collective century of design experience to make use of all the features and power found in Poser.



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