RPublishing News

DEC 23

Now until Tuesday, Dec 26th at 11:59pm (central time) our RPublishing store at Renderosity is Half Off during their Wishlist Event.  This is a great time to get our new release, Christmas Jewels, that are perfect tree decorations or earrings, or you can clean up your wishlist by purchasing the items you've been wanting that Santa didn't delivery. 

DEC 15

Our new re-release of Caleb for M4 from Phoenix1966 has been updated to now support Michael 5. And, for a limited time, you can get Caleb for 60% Off during our store sale. Don't forget that the sale ends Sunday, Dec 17th at 11:59 pm (central time). 

DEC 13

Until Sunday, December 17th at 11:59 (central time) our RPublishing store at Renderosity is 60% Off. This is the best time to stack up on gifts for the holiday or the special items to make your Christmas renders perfect. Please make sure to check-out our newest releases with muwawya, Rhiannon, Phoenix1966GrayCloudDesign and Propschick.

DEC 10

Get our new release, the Gamer Girl Hair for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females for 50% Off during our  CG Spree. The hair also comes with a bonus bunny ear headset, which is what every gamer girl wants for Christmas. But you will need to hurry, the Spree special ends Tuesday, Dec. 12th at 10am (central time). 

NOV 28

The Victorian Gift Shop is our new scene release with GrayCloudDesign in time for some Christmas cheer. And, the set will work with Poser or Daz Studio, so take a stroll through the shop to pick out some presents today. 

OCT 24

Our Skull Jewelry is our newest release with GrayCloudDesign.  It is just in time for your Halloween renders and now 30% off through midnight October 31st (central time). 

OCT 17

The Sayomi Anime Outfit for G3F is our newest release with vendor, muwawya. This set is sure to become one of your anime favorites.  And, it's on sale for 55% off during our 48 Hour Store Flash Sale.

SEP 22

Drinks at the Piano Bar is our newest scene collaboration with GrayCloudDesign that made for Poser and Daz Studio. Our new release is available for 50% OFF during our CG Spree that ends at 10am (central time) on Sunday, September 24th.  And, the rest of our store is on sale for up to 30% for a limited time. 

SEP 14

Sophistication is our sexy, new lingerie with Rhiannon that was made for Daz Studio's Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female. It is on sale now for 30% off for a limited time. 

SEP 08

Our most recent project with muwawya has just been released. The Natsume Archer Outfit for Genesis 3 Females is right on target to be a crowd pleaser. It's awesome for anime style renders and animation, but it also looks great when use in real life looking renders. As an added bonus, it comes with the bow, quiver, and arrows. It is currently at an introductory offer of 30% off. 

JUL 24

RPublishing and Rhiannon are excited to bring you the newest release to our everyday FADS line, it's a fashionable Summer Romper (shorts jumpsuit). The FADS Summer Romper is unique with sleeves that can be easily hidden, and increase it's versatility with add-on texture sets from other great vendors like Sveva, 3-Darena, Anagord, and vyktohria

JUL 01

RPublishing is proud to be collaborating with a new vendor, muwawya.  Living in war-torn Syria means that it can take longer than other vendors to create products for sale, but this tenacious young man loves 3D art and doesn't give up. You can read more about his story on Renderosity

JUN 16

Our new release is our Brilliant Body Jewelry for the Genesis 3 Female. This jewelry set works great with one piece swimsuits, bikinis, and other popular summer clothing, and comes in four beautifully, brilliant colors. 

JUN 02

RPublishing and muwawya are proud to bring you an anime style clothing set for your Genesis 3 Females. The Hikari Anime Clothing for G3F is perfect for any of your anime projects. The set is packed full of useful morphs to ensure realistic movement and posing. We know that this set will be love from the first render. 

MAY 31

Meet the newest characters from RPublishing and Tempesta3d for Dawn SE and Dusk SE. Brooke is a highly stylized morph set and skin textures for the Special Edition of Dawn who has an adorable face full of freckles. Liam for Dusk SE is a rugged character set that was created with real photographs to provide realistic skin details. Both Brooke for Dawn and Liam for Dusk's skin textures were painted in Blacksmith3D

MAY 29

The Fads Bags for the Genesis 3 Female are the newest additions to our line of FADS everyday clothes, shoes, and props. This set can be a purse or a small, stylish backpack. It's the perfect handbag for your Genesis 3 Females to carry their stuff around.  Slide in your lip gloss, sunscreen, money and credit cards and let's go shopping. 

MAY 20

Check-out the latest release with GrayCloudDesign called GCD Jewelry Earring Collection 1 for Genesis 3 Females. This is the first jewelry release GCD has made especially for Daz Studio.

MAY 16

Angel for Maisie is a unique character for Poser 11 created in collaboration with Tempesta3D who is known for outstanding character morphs and skin textures that are painted in Blacksmith3D

FEB 17

GrayCloudDesign's Interiors - Design44 is the latest collaborative release. This modern living room set will easily mix and match with other room scenes or even with the GCD Interiors - Design33 living room set. 

JAN 29

RPublishing is having a special 48 hour CG Spree on our newest release, Tunic Dress and Over the Knee Boots for Genesis 3 Females. The Tunic dress has several sweater type texture options with three color options of suede for the thigh high boots. Sveva has created an amazing add-on for additional color options called, "Knitted for Tunic Dress".  The Tunic Dress can be worn alone, with leggings, jeans, the boots or even looks good with leg warmers and pumps. The options are practically endless. 

NOV 17

The Perfect Ponytail Hair for Gen2 & Gen3 Females is the newest hair from RPublishing and Propschick. It has 16 material files for Iray and 16 for 3Delight, and 24 morphs for all kinds of hair adjustments.

NOV 09

The Strap Teddy is the latest project with Rhiannon to bring you something a little sexy and versatile. Each of the straps have the ability to hide and show so that the possibilities are endless. The upper straps can be used like a top, or the bottom pieces can be used with other tops, bikinis or as underwear. And, there are 13 material presets for Iray and 3Delight.

OCT 29

RPublishing and Rhiannon celebrate Halloween with our newest release, Frightful Faces - Mask props. This set of mask were designed for the Genesis 3 Female, but with auto-fit and few parameter dial adjustments, they can fit nearly any character you want.  Hope you all have a scary Halloween!

OCT 23

The FADS Skater Dress and Ankle Boots are the newest of our FADS line of everyday wear. The Skater Dress has a skater style flare skirt with strapless bodice that can be hidden so that the skirt can be used with other tops. The skirt can also be hidden so the strapless bodice can be used with different types of bottoms. 

The Ankle Boots are perfect for your Fall fashion with thick soles that grab to help make sure your ladies don't slip in the snow. There are 32 mix and match material settings in Iray and 3Delight to change colors of the sole, laces, and heels, so it is easy use the Ankle Boots with multiple outfits. 

These products can be bought individually or in a Savings Bundle.

OCT 07

The Grand Salon is a highly detailed sitting area and study that features a classical, sophicated look. It includes 31 OBJ files that can be used in other scenes, or mixed up for different looks within this room. The Grand Salon also comes with 2 pre-loaded Poser scene files, 14 Poser Prop files, 4 Poser camera presets, 1 Poser light preset and textures. Built and optimized for Poser.

AUG 15

Just released is our second rope outfit called Rope Work 2. This is one of the most unique bikinis that you can find in 3d clothing for Daz Studio's Genesis 3 Female.  It is a collaborative work with the top modeler, Rhiannon.

AUG 12

As part of our Olympic celebration, we have recently released an Olympic Leotard that can be used with the sleeves for gymnastic events or without the sleeves as a competitive swim suit. The Olympic Leotard comes with 3 textures, including one for the USA.

JUN 20

The Chain Metal Outfit is a top and thong made of chains for the Genesis 3 Female. These fabulous fantasy pieces can be worn alone, or with the bandeau top and thong panel for a more modest look. The chain pieces come in silver, gold, and worn/rustic metal, and the top and thong panel come in black and bronze satin, or black and brown leather. The outfit will auto-fit to any Genesis 3 Female morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher.

JUN 10

Bandaid Suit is a sexy, fun piece of naughty lingerie for the Genesis 3 Female. It fits very well, and includes 4 colors in both a netting material shader and a glossy latex shader. Bandaid Suit will auto-fit to any Genesis 3 Female morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher.

JUN 02

Meet Elijah, the newest release from RPublishing & gypsyangel. Elijah is a character morph and texture set for Genesis 3 Males. He does not require any of the special head morphs or body morphs for Michael 7 or any of the other character add-on for G3M. He comes with 5 eye options, 5 face paints, beard & tattoo option & genital maps. 3Delight and Iray mat files are included.

APR 21

Erica is a beautiful, sexy new character for the Genesis 3 Female. She has an Iray optimized skin and an SSS 3Delight optimized skin. The package includes head and body morphs, long nail options, five eye colors and 9 makeup options.

APR 16

The newest jewelry collection from our collaborative vendor, GrayCloudDesign, bring you elegance fit for a Queen. The GCD Jewelry Soraya Collection is on sale for 25% off for a limited time. 

APR 13

FLASH FORWARD is RPublishing's list of April's PRIME FLASH special sales.  New Revolution is 70% OFF for PRIME members until Apr. 15th.  G2 Viper Warrior is 60% OFF on 4/16 and 4/17, the Candy Store Exterior is 70% OFF on 4/18 & 4/19, the 1960s Hippie Hair is 60% OFF on 4/20 & 4/21, the G2 Pearl Bikini Lingerie is 60% OFF from 4/22 until 4/24, the Modern Home 2 is 70% OFF from 4/26 through 4/28 and the Aphrodite Attitude Dress is 70% OFF from 4/29 through 5/1.

APR 03

NIGHT GUARD is RPublishing's newest release made for Genesis 3 Females. 

In similar fashion to one of our most popular V4 outfits, Night Watcher, the Night Guard has detailed fur collars and leather textures in black and brown.

MAR 17

Our recent release of the Funky Wedgez is for the Genesis 3 Female and gives your G3F a hip, stylish pair of wedge heels that are perfect for any occasion.

FEB 28

Guarded Heart for G2F is the newest release from our collaborative works with Rhiannon. This clothing set is for G2F and other characters for the G2F. Many of the G2F morphs have been smoothed and perfected to improve their appearance. However, you may use it with any character you like, as it will auto-fit to any G2F morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher. The set includes Leggings, Top, Skirt, Armcovers, Cloak, Belt, Boots, Gloves, and 34 DS Material Presets and 17 Poser compatiable Material Presents. The Guarded Heart Skirt and Cloak has a number of extra bones for movement when posing, and movement morphs to use as well. ** For Daz Studio, the material presets include shaders optimized for both 3Delight AND the Iray Render Engine. **DSON files (Poser Companion Files) are included, and you will find Poser .mc6 files in your Poser material library for the Guarded Heart package.

FEB 04

Our Rebel Star is a cool blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi for the Genesis 2 Female characters that works in Daz Studio and has Poser companion files. The set includes Pants, Shirt, Overlay, Armwraps, Legwraps, Belts, Boots, Duffle bag, 40 DS Material presets, and 20 Poser Material Presents. The Rebel Star Overlay piece has a number of extra bones for movement when posing, and the left and right thighs will move with G2's legs; however, you can choose them and use the parameter dials for extra movement in the thigh area. The duffle bag is a prop, and is parented to the pelvis of G2. It may be necessary to adjust the duffle bag using the translation parameters for some poses and when using some G2 character morphs. There are several pieces in the pack that layer over one another, so I have included a lot of extra adjustment morphs in case there is difficulty with morphs or posing. ** For Daz Studio, the material presets include shaders optimized for both 3Delight AND the Iray Render Engine. ** DSON files (Poser Companion Files) are included, and you will find Poser .mc6 files in your Poser material library for the Rebel Star package.

Tags: rhiannon
JAN 28

We are pleased to bring you to the latest addition to our Texture Transformer skin conversions, Michael 4 to Genesis 3 Male (M4 to G3M). This product is an ADD-ON conversion our Texture Transformer software, so you must own either the Texture Transformer or Blacksmith3D PRO-6 software in order to use this ADD-ON pack.  


DEC 11

Optimized for both Poser and DAZ Studio, Sherman was designed to bring extreme photo-realness to your renders. He can be rendered with or without subsurface scattering ( SSS ). Special skin texture maps are included to make Sherman's details really POP when rendering with SSS in Poser where normal textures have their details blurred away. Non-SSS optimized maps are included as well.

Sherman's facial morphs feature hard lines and angles, exposing ultra-unique facial features that will definitely NOT look like the other characters in your library.  He renders very well in DS, too, especially with IRAY.  The morphs feature ERC components which adjust the rig, which allow his unique eye spacing and body proportions to pose beautifully.

Special Bundle price with Osanna 50% OFF

DEC 07

We are pleased to bring you to the latest addition to our Texture Transformer skin conversions, Victoria 4 to Genesis 3 Female (V4 to G3F). This product is an ADD-ON conversion our Texture Transformer software, so you must own either the Texture Transformer or Blacksmith3D PRO-6 software in order to use this ADD-ON pack.  Sophie for V4 shown on the left with the G3F conversion on the right. 


NOV 27

Osanna is a new character by new vendor, VirtualEssence. VirtualEssence has been in the 3D field as a programmer for over 12 years so he isn't really 'new' to the 3D scene. He's just new to developing character, and what an amazing debut character he has created. Osanna is not only beautiful, but she's also wild and she's made for Genesis 2 females.

CLICK HERE for more information or to buy

SEP 28

This set will amaze you with how well it fits and moves with Genesis 3 female hands because it was created specifically to work well with V7, Bethany 7, Eva 7 and Josie 7. You won't find a better accessory for your gothic, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and cosplay renders. 

MAY 22

The Aphrodite Hair is an Anime/Cartoon style hair that consists of conforming Daz Studio (Duf) & DSON Poser companion files for Genesis 2 Females with fits for StudioArtVartanian's Aphrodite character, Dolly & Victoria 6. There is also a Super smart prop with control handles for Movement and Swing of the Braid that has fits for V4, M4, Genesis, Dawn, Dusk, Gen2Male, Anastasia, Roxie, Aphrodite, Aphrodite for Dolly, Dolly and V6. It can also be scaled & translated with the adjustment morphs to fit nearly any Poser or DS character that you want!

The Aprhodite Attitude Dress by RPublishing and Rhiannon was inspired by the beautiful Grecian style clothing. It was also created for the Genesis 2 Female with many G2 character morphs built in. With the ds auto-fit, it will also fit nearly any female morph. It comes with the sandals and bracelets.

MAY 21

Cami's Closet & Cami's Closet II - Coco are clothing sets for all your Genesis 2 females (using auto-fit) and includes the Poser Companion files (DSON). They are amazingly versatile. The first set has a dress & unitard with pieces that can be hidden or visible to create multiple looks with ease. From sexy lingerie to a sweet summer dress and anything in between. And, Coco includes more pieces that can be used in combination with other packages to give you even more versatility.

MAY 15

RPublishing & Propschick are excited to bring you the 50's Hollywood Hair. Inspired by the classic actresses and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe and many other ladies of the 50s and 60s that we fell in love with. Take a trip back to the Classic Hollywood era when celebrities were more glamorous. This "classic" actress hair style will never go out of style because it is perfect for a romantic, nostalgic feel.

MAY 01

These Biker Boots are a must-have for all your Genesis 2 gals, whether they’re the street-wise, bad-ass type out looking for trouble, the punky/goth type, or the hipster next door, these boots add a lot of character and style to any outfit or situation.

Created especially for the Genesis 2 Female by Daz3D, many G2 character morphs in the set have been smoothed and perfected to improve their appearance, however, you may use it with any character you like, as it will auto-fit to any G2 female morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher.

DSON files (Poser Companion Files) are included, and you will find Poser .mc6 files in your material library for the G2 Biker Boots.

APR 17

Give your girls a stylish new swimsuit to wear during your Summer vacation. It's built to be a fashion statement without sleeves or as a great looking addition to your scuba gear. It has seven striking neon colors and a solid black texture. 

APR 03

The Pearl Bikini comes with ivory and ebony colored pearls and looks great over swim suits, lingerie, under corsets, or even all by itself. The Pearls are made for Genesis 2 female and comes with DSON files (poser companion files) for use in Poser as well as Daz Studio.

MAR 10

RPublishing, and their cast of talented collaborating vendors, are teaming up once again for an outstanding 5 day sales event!

From now through Saturday, March 14th all of these great vendors (listed below) are offering their respective stores for sale at up to 50% off.

FEB 11

This clothing set was created for the Genesis 2 Female by Daz3D. Some G2 character morphs in the set have been tweaked and perfected to improve their appearance, however, you may use it with any character you like, as it will auto-fit to any G2 female morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher.

- Corset (.duf)
- Ruffle Panties (.duf)
- Stockings (.duf)
- Gloves (.duf)
- 21 Material Presets (.duf)

**DSON files (Poser Companion Files) are included, and you will find Poser .mc6 files in your material library for the G2 Corset package.

JAN 27

This clothing set was created for the Genesis 2 Female, so it will fit and can be used with Dolly, Victoria 6, Aiko 6, Gia 6, Olympia, Girl 6, Stephanie 6, and many more, plus it will "auto-fit" to any G2 female morph you have in your Daz Studio library using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher. - G2 Chaps (.duf) - G2 Panties (.duf) - 4 Material Presets (.duf)

**DSON files (Poser Companion Files) are included, and you will find Poser .mc6 files in your material library for the G2 Chaps.

Many extra adjustment/movement morphs are included in the chaps to allow for different shoe heel types and poses, and also to wear them over other pants.

JAN 22
The Winter Dream set was created with a winter wonderland concept in mind, but it also has textures for everyday use even in the warm Seasons (without the snow). The set contains poser props for the complete Gazebo and Bench and obj files for the base, bench, columns, ground, lamps, railing, and roof with and without snow. It also includes 2 poser camera presets, and 1 poser light preset (HDRI light).
JAN 09
Delight your poser runtime kids with a visit to this amazing Candy Store. They will love selecting candy from the bins, and viewing the handmade specialties behind the glass display case. It includes a ready to load scene (.PZ3), a Full Scene Pre-load (.Cr2, .DUF), Separate Props (.Cr2, .DUF), 1 Light preset For Poser & Daz Studio (.LT2, .DUF), and 7 Camera presets For Poser & Daz Studio (.CM2, .DUF) to make rending fast and easy.

Both Daz Studio and Poser Tested and Supported
DEC 23
Gunslinger is clothing for Poser that contents the Duster Jacket (coat), pants, vest, boots, belt, and Hat.

It comes with two texture sets for each piece and there are ten extra bones included in the duster for movement and body handles for all.

There are Mat poses to apply all textures, plus mat poses to hide, show, and zero all duster handles for ease of use and give you the best flexibility.
DEC 19
Sexy Fantasy follows the morphs of Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, and Stephanie 4 please make sure to check out the morphs list below for what is included), and there are many adjustment morphs. It comes with the Top, Thong, and Skirt with bones and lots of adjustment morphs to customize the fit to many different figures.
DEC 01
It's heating up in the kitchen! Sweet and Sassy Apron is a sexy, adorable, vintage style apron for all your V4 girls. It's perfect for all of all the serious cooks in your runtime, and also those who plan on some fanciful frolicking all through the house as well! Included in this package: - Sweet and Sassy Arpon (.cr2 and .obj) - 4 Texture Sets - Mat poses to apply all textures - Mat pose to zero all body handles Sweet and Sassy Apron contains extra bones for skirt movement with body handles to control them. The body handles will not appear in your renders. There are some extra adjustment morphs for the apron, and specific morphs for the bow.
NOV 29
Total Anarchy is an exciting new package inspired by all the sexy girls of gaming. It is a oomplete standalone package, no other packages are required to use it, but as you will see in the promotional images, it is also a fusion/expansion with the original “Anarchy” package by RPublishing and Rhiannon. Total Anarchy includes a set of textures in black leather with reds, purples, etc., but also contains textures that match the original brown leather textures in the Anarchy package. And, as a BONUS if you already own the original Anarchy pack, there are textures included here that match this new Total Anarchy pack.
NOV 13
RPublishing and sixus1 teamed up to bring you Punky Pop. This hip, punk rock set can be used for all types of fashion scenes with the many add-on textures that are out there. Or use the leather jacket and/or platform boots with The Jeanz, or even the Diva outfit for a more classic rock feel. It comes with the Leather Jacket, shorts, belted skirt, platform boots, pieces to cover boots, and Hair.
Tags: clothing
OCT 02
The Ripped Shirt and Bra is our most recent project with Rhiannon. As the Fall weather creeps in, we start thinking about Halloween and all the frightening things that go along with it. Around here, we love anything to do with zombies, from tv shows, movies, costumes, and video games. So we figured a zombie inspired ripped and bloody t-shirt would be a great start to this time of year. We hope you like it as much as we do.
SEP 26
RPublishing and Rhiannon have released a cool, Fall outfit for V4, A4, G4, etc. We developed the Night Watcher Outfit after re-watching all of the episodes of one of our favorite shows. This super-conforming outfit has the medieval style leather texture sets that are mixed with some animal fur in the upper part of the cloak. There are extra bones and adjustment morphs in the cloak so you can create perfect poses for your medieval watchmen. And, renapd created a texture add-on set that help show the details of model. If you get Night Watcher, make sure to check-out the Dire Wolves add-on set.

AUG 25
RPublishing and Rhiannon have released our latest project Fire Princess as a 48 CG Spree. The Fire Princess is a super-conforming fantasy outfit for V4 that includes the Armor, Dress, Trousers, Boots, and Thong. There are two texture sets included for all pieces PLUS bonus gold texture for armor. Mat poses to apply textures, and extra mat poses to hide pants overlay, or pants only. There are extra bones with body handles in the dress for movement, plus extra movement and adjustment morphs for the perfect pose. The thong is included to wear when the pants are hidden and only the overlay is visible. There is also a great add-on set from Sveva called Elements.

FEB 13
Foxy Roxy is the newest collaborative project from RPublishing and Rhiannon. This was one of the funnest projects we've done in a while. The creativity just seemed to flow out of every pore. There were so many options, and great ideas for really cool textures. We would have loved to have several weeks to make incorporate all the amazing ideas we came up with...but, it's hard to justify taking that much extra time one a single project when we're already back logged on projects.
FEB 10
RPublishing and Rhiannon are very happy to bring you our Valentine Day special Punk Me. Punk Me is a sexy take on a "punk-inspired" outfit made for Victoria 4 ... it's flirty, it's edgy, and very versatile for mixing and matching with your other runtime favorites.

It comes with the PunkMe Halter Top, Skirt, and Leggings. Shoes not included. Punk Me follows the morphs of Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl (please make sure to check out the morphs list in the readme file for what is included), and there are adjustment morphs for each item as well.
FEB 07
Add details to of your favorite scenes with these amazing Plants & Pots brought to you by RPublishing and Sveva.
JAN 22
RPublishing and EvilInnocence are very proud to bring you our Glamorous Evening Gown. This gown was inspired by many of the modern, high fashion evening gowns worn by those sexy, super models. The dress is very elegant and tastefully sexy. The Glamorous Evening Gown is made for V4 and comes with 26 Adjustment Morphs, 45 Full Body Morphs, and 19 Movement Morphs.
And, it was build to be used in Poser and Daz Studio.

In special collaboration with 3DSublimeProductions, there is an amazing NYC Couture texture set, NYC Couture: Glamorous Gown available for it at an even more amazing discounted price of 50% off for a very limited time. Are you ready for clothing textures that mimic real world clothing, and don't look like flood filled patterns? Then you have to check out the NYC Couture Collections.
JAN 10
RPublishing is happy to announce that our second project with "esha" is now complete. The Always Summer Outfit has a fun summer style holster top and skirt and comes with RPublishing's Lydia Boots for FREE.
JAN 06
The Grand Ballroom is the latest project RPublishing and NFXstudios have collaborated on. The Grand Ballroom is full of stunning details. It's intricately designed interior is suitable for everything from formal balls to wedding receptions.

The Grand Ballroom features everything a Ballroom needs, including:
Over 11,000 square feet of usable space
2,200 square feet of dance floor
800 square foot stage
35 foot tall ceiling
7 crystal chandeliers
Grand staircase
Coat check room with opening door
7 foot by 5 foot fireplace
9 sets of French doors
22 marble and gold leaf pillars
20 arches
DEC 27
Arki and RPublishing have a new release called The Fan Dress.

The Fan Dress is an unusual anime inspired outfit with four conforming parts and one extra fan figure. It comes complete with two full texture sets. The bottom part of the skirt figure can also be used in dynamic simulations; please consult the included readme files for detailed instructions.

What you get:
* conforming leotard
* conforming skirt
* conforming obi
* conforming headpiece
* fan figure
DEC 22
The Akuma Hanta Fantasy Outfit for V4 is an appealing combination of Fantasy and Gaming clothing all mixed into one stunning look. There's metal, leather, cloth and even a weapon. What could be better? This new outfit is the collaborative works we did with xv3d and orion1167.
OCT 17
RPublishing and GrayCloudDesign are excited to offer you our newest release, GCD Chandeliers at 40% OFF for the first 24 hours as part of Renderosity’s CG Spree. There are two chandeliers in the pack; one large and one small. The promotional images show how nicely the chandeliers work with the Montespan Interior Scene, but they will be beautiful in any elegant scene you would like to create.
OCT 11
Arabel: Red Hot Pepper for V4 was just released today. It is a project we did with luciferino and Morrighan.

Arabel brings your creations to life with her soft body and her perfect face. She is suitable for any kind of render your imagination can create: glamor, pin up, sci-fi, gothic, fairy, girl next door, athletic, street, or dance.
Tags: characters
OCT 04
The Mix & Match Hair Pieces is the newest project from RPublishing and Propschick.

The idea behind this project was to give artists options around trying to build their own hair pieces and not having to use hair behind the head where it's blocked and unseen by a camera for rendering.
SEP 04
The Laced Dress is a project that we worked on with Arki, SpiritFoxy and Varnayrah. It's available for Dawn, V4, A4, and G4 with an extensive morph list for 4th generation figures.

Arki did the clothing models with a separate top and panties to be confirming and the sleeves, skirt and pants to be dynamic. Having 5 pieces ensures the outfit will work in nearly any type of render. SpiritFoxy and Varnayrah did add-on texture packs.
AUG 30
This is one of the biggest trending hair styles right now. It's called the Waterfall Braid Hair from RPublishing and Propschick.

It was made to work with Dawn and V4. What could be better? It's introductory sale price at 25%. We know you will love every render you make with this hair. And, there will be some popular vendor add-on textures coming soon.
AUG 28
The Dawn Intimates Lingerie is brought to you through a new RPublishing collaboration with esha. Esha has returned to sell products through Renderosity after being gone a few years, and she is well-known for her fantasy, toon and romantic clothing. This set was created with two very different base textures. One that is meant for sexy underwear and the other is sporty enough to use as a bikini.

This set also has an amazing add-on texture set, Dawn's Secret - Intimates from kaleya and nirvy.
AUG 23
RPublishing and Rhiannon bring you a new outfit for Dawn. It's a sexy, cool new super Naughty Mini Dress & Lingerie set for those special nights when everyone's up until Dawn.

There is also an add-on texture set, LM Naughty Wonder, that we worked on with luciferino and Morrighan. Don't miss these great sets.
AUG 16
RPublishing's newest product is another collaboration with GrayCloudDesign. After the popularity and positive feedback we received on GCD Jewelry - Set1, we are pleased to bring you GCD Jewelry - Set2.

This set was inspired by the classic movies of the 60s and meant to bring a sense of class and sophistication to all your beautiful ladies.

And, the set comes with the Hat and the Sunglasses as FREE BONUSES.

AUG 09
The Lady in Red Dress is our newest product created with Propschick. The dress is a glamorous gown exposing the hip to show off all her curves. It is elegant yet has a seductive sophistication. Dress includes ghost handles for movements !
JUL 23
Kazumi is a new high quality fantasy outfit that we collaborated on with xv3d and Arien. The skirt can be hidden to give the clothing a sexier look. There are many great add-on texture sets from motif, Anagord, Atenais, and ShoxDesign.
JUL 08
The Classy Top is our newest PRIME product created with Propschick. The Classy Top goes very well with our other recent release, The 3 in 1 Ponytail Updo hair. This was a fun project that we started months ago after seeing a similar real life top available at Victoria's Secret. We have been holding it back so that it could release for our July PRIME, since it makes the perfect summer time addition to your V4 clothes. With literally thousands of combinations for this top included, V4's Morphs, plus Elite, A4, G4 and S4, custom morphs and ghost handles for the 'skirt' area of the top, this top makes an amazing addition to your fashion collection.
JUL 06
Ok, so the title is 3 in 1 Ponytail Updo, BUT there are more than 3 ways to wear this hair. This new Hair from Rpublishing and Propschick has a hide option for the bangs, the ponytail, the bun, or the braid to give a wide range of different style options. This hair can be used in so many fun ways; from fantasy, sci-fi, fairies, at the club, uptown, downtown, fashion shows and so much more. Ponytail contains 3 body parts for extreme movement. Please CLICK HERE to see more example images.
JUN 28
The Classic Funiture Set 1 is by RPublishing and GrayCloudDesign. It is a lavish, highly-detailed furniture set which comes with two different sets of textures, one in intense red and the other in soft beige color. Set includes the sofa, stool and foot stool.
JUN 26
This PRIME product from Rhiannon, 3-DArena and RPublishing is one hot little bathing suit for all your girls. Fun in the sun, at the pool, beach or at your vacation resort. It's 2013 trendy and super-sexy to wear with heels for that amazing pin-up, you're gonna' love this one. It ties behind the neck, middle of the back and at the hips. The Monokini Bathing Suit is super-conforming, includes 2 textures, and will fit V4, A4, and G4. Add-on textures called Beach Resort for Monokini by 3-DArena are also available in the Renderosity PRIME area.
JUN 25
RPublishing is proud to present a new product from coflek-gnorg called "Add-on textures for Montespan Bathroom". This is an amazing expansion set that turns the sophisticated, up-scale Montespan Bathroom into a neglected, grungy place that has probably been abandoned for years. Textures are in high resolution with additional bump, specular and reflect effects.
MAY 31

RPublishing's latest release with Propschick, Wicked Confusions, was inspired by some of the 80s punk rock clothing style and was modernized to add some current clothing and jewelry trends. This set has several pieces so that they can be mixed and matched many different ways.

Included is the Jacket, Top, Left and Right Gloves, Left and Right Bracelets, Belt (with ability to hide chains), Skirt, Leggings, Foot Jewels, Heart Necklace, Rosary Necklace, Butterfly Necklace, 5 different earrings and piercings for left and right that are smart propped, 2 different mix and match texture sets, and DS Mats so it can work in Daz Studio along with Poser.

MAY 24

RPublishing has joined forces with another high quality vendor, Val3dArt. The result is an amazing new fantasy armor set packed full of options to hide pieces of the outfit to make it easy to get a different look each time you use it.

The product will be released at 10am (Renderosity server time) with a 50% OFF CG Spree for 24 hours only.

Tags: clothing
MAY 09
The weather in the US is starting to heat up, and I'm definitely ready for some warmer weather. So, our coming project was in celebration of one of my favorite summer activities - Beach Parties. RPublishing is excited about the Beach Party Dress that we are releasing with Rhiannon. Plus there are two cool add-on texture sets from kaleya and renapd. The normal price of the Beach Party Dress is only $9.95, but will be On Sale the first week at 30% off making it $6.97.
APR 26
RPublishing has a new collaborative product with CJ-Studio. The Socks 2 for any of the Genesis figures is a sure to please product for Daz Studio users.
APR 11
RPublishing and Propschick are proud to present our latest fashion outfit for your runtime, Notorious Flirt. This stylish number has cut-out shoulder sleeves on the top, metal rings on the hips of the skirt, and matching metal rings on the sides of the boots. All come with great Spring colored textures.

Click Here to go to the RPublishing Store.
APR 10
Now through April 14th all of the RPublishing and Propschick collaborated products are ON SALE for 50% Off. Did you miss out on Little Red, Star Enchantress or the Gypsy Love Hair? Now is the best time to get those products at a great price.

Click Here to go to the RPublishing Store.
MAR 29
Chaos Seed is the latest collaboration with orion1167 and xv3d. Your your imagination will run wild with this 7 Piece, High Fantasy Ensemble. Chaos Seed comes with 11 Sequenced Poses, Quality Mesh Figures and high resolution texture maps. Tons of options!

Click on Title to go product page.
MAR 08
Ryder is an amazing fantasy outfit that comes with 20 Sequenced Poses, Quality Mesh Figures and two high resolution texture maps. Mesh figures include Top, Pants, Boots, Cape, Gloves, Katana, Wakazashi, Eye Patch, Machine Gun, Katatan, Calf Bracelet.

Click on Title to go product page.
JAN 21
GrayCloudDesign started collaborating with RPublishing in 2011 to texture special models by marforno. However, she's been a part of Renderosity and the content creation community since 2000. Her texturing talents are very visible in the Mushroom Fairy House, The Sultan’s Pool, the Magic Gazebo, Hero’s Refuge, Gypsy Tent, and several others. Since 2011, GrayCloudDesign has expanded her work to modelling as well. Her latest release, "Montespan Interior Scene" is the epitome of a great 2d texture artist and a 3D modeller.
JAN 18
The Navy Star Ponytail Hair has been a fun project for Propschick and RPublishing. Both of us were wanting to create an anime themed hair that was made just for your toon cravings. We think we nailed it! Created to go hand in hand with Navy Star Outfit which is set to be released Friday, Febuary 1st. This toon hair was created using Easy Pose, so it can bend, twist and flow like any real action hair.

The Navy Star Outfit is coming Friday, February 1st.
JAN 12
RPublishing and PropsChick gladly bring you our most recent project, the French Maid Uniform for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, Stephanie 4, and the Elite. The idea was generated off of the classic maid uniforms, but then given a little extra style and sexiness. Now you can fill your runtime full of fun and fantasy! All of those 3D homes have to be dusted, don't they ?
JAN 04
The newest product from RPublishing, orion1167 & xv3d is the Race Queen. So, start your engines and show the boys who is Queen of the track. The package includes Bikini Top & Bottoms, Jacket style shirt, Boots, Cap, Glasses, Gloves, & 10 Poses!
DEC 28
Steam Punk Rogue is another great release from RPublishing, orion1167 & xv3d. The outfit comes complete with the Body Suit, the Boots, the Gloves, the Goggles, the Ammo Belt, the Shotgun, and Holster.
DEC 21
Introducing the Amazing Poseable Braid! Created using Easy Pose Underground, this braid has 12 body parts for ultimate posing ! Along with morphs for twisting and bending, wind and movement morphs for the upper part of the hair, you'll find everything you need here to create amazing poses!
DEC 13
RPublishing is pleased to announce that we have signed a multi-product agreement with a quality 3D modeler and texture artist, orion1167 & xv3d. As part of this new relationship, we are proud to bring you Gear Punk for V4, which is just one of their quality sets. It’s not just another clothing set, this package comes with lots of great poses, sunglasses and combat boots.
DEC 01
We had a lot of fun creating this outfit, and we really like the way the different top pieces can be used individually or layered together. Of course, maybe it's because we're just suckers for a sexy, badass outfit. We hope you like it as well, and we appreciate your support!

RPublishing & Rhiannon
NOV 16
Taerwen is a fabulous little outfit collaborated with Rhiannon for all your woodland elves, nymphs, or any of your girls who like to dress in some trendy, sexy, fantasy-wear. It is very versatile on it's own, or it can be mixed and matched very well with just about any other fantasy pieces. Each piece in this package will fit Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl.
NOV 08
RPublishing is proud to bring you, the Meeting Point, a special scene prop package from Danie and marforno. This package comes complete with 3 Props (.PP2, .DSF and .OBJ), 5 Poses for Victoria 4 + 5 mirrored versions (.PZ2), 5 Poses for Victoria 5 + 5 mirrored versions (.DSF), 9 Materials to change the Poster styles (.MC6 and .DSF), 3 Poser Camera Presets (.CM2), 3 Poser Light Presets (.LT2), 3 Poser Scenes with lights included (.PZ3), 3 Daz Studio Scenes with lights included (.DAZ), and High Resolution Textures. It has been optimized for Poser 7+ and DazStudio 4.
NOV 02
Once upon a time there was a hair called StoryBrook Hair, and with the long flowing mane behind your figure's back, everyone gasped in surprise when the figure rotated around, watching in shock and surprise at the detailed updo and cascade of curls! Brought to you by RPublishing and Propschick.
OCT 27
Diva is a sexy, saucy outfit for all your 3D starlets and well, divas!! :-) She'll look fabulous and trendy in this clothing set with lots of options. It can be very nice, or very naughty. Diva will fit Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl! There are 2 texture sets included in the Diva package, with several mat pose options for the tunic so that it can be worn long, waist length, or mid drift. DIVA includes: Tunic Shirt with 3 length options: Long, Mid or Short Leggings Stockings Belt High Heels & 2 Texture Sets in Black and Lavender
SEP 25
Today, SmithMicro released Tyler GND - the first Guy Next Door. Tyler is a new custom character for Ryan 2. He is free for a limited time with your Poser serial number from the RPublishing worked closely with Blackhearted, Propschick, and Rhiannon to bring you several clothing products for Tyler.
SEP 21
Mitchel is the latest RPublishing release created in collaboration with StudioArtVartanian.

Mitchel is an honest, southern man who spends his days surfing at the beach for some refreshing exercise or tending to the family farm that was left to him. He often thought he would make it big someday as guitarist in a band or maybe even a doctor because he likes helping others. But, somehow his life just sort of took it's own shape, and he's now very content with who he is and what his life has become. Character and Hair Sold Separately
SEP 14
Some say she's thief, some say she's mean, and some say she's just a modern day Robin Hood taking care of the poor. She only takes the minimum necessary for the people in her small village to survive. So, no matter what some may say about her, to the poor starving children and their parents, she is a hero.
AUG 31
Introducing 'Caribbean Hair' Brought to you by RPublishing and Propschick. "Ye intruders beware. Crushing death and grief, soaked with blood, of the trespassing thief." It was created with a piratey theme but great for any Caribbean dream. Looks great with a bikini and beach scene, Fantasy Weapons, or even Hypnotic Lingerie.
AUG 18
Hypnotic...her moves are so erotic... So go on and show them how you move it. Hypnotic Lingerie is a sexy, versatile body suit, inspired by all the sexy bad ass females in movies and games. The outfit works with V4, A4, or G4. Created by RPublishing and Rhiannon.
JUN 22
Vindicator is a sexy, sleek, saucy catsuit that no V4 character can do without. This outfit is very detailed, very versatile, and works with V4, A4, or G4, and works in Poser and Daz Studio. Vindicator is another quality product, proudly brought to you by Rhiannon and RPublishing.
JUN 08
London Hair is the latest Hair released RPublishing and Propschick. London Hair has options for longer or shorter bangs and general length of hair to give you lots of versatility.
JUN 01

RPublishing in collaboration with Rhiannon is proud to present the
The Night Out Dress.

Are your runtime ladies ready for a Summer's Night Out? This great fitting, fun dress is perfect to go dancing or just hanging out by the pool in style.

MAY 30
This summer's hottest release has definitely got to be the StricklyHARD: The Suit that was created by powerage to go with StricklyHARD: The Legs. And, there Anastasia: StrictlyHARD Suit & Legs available. Though the regular price of the Anastasia fit is a steal at $13.45, it is also only $3.50 for Renderosity PRIME members. The Suit is extremely versatile because each individual strap can be hidden or added back to create several different looks with just one Suit.
MAY 18
Does Cruel Ella scare you? She should. Some says she is a snake, others say she's like a spider, but most believe she is the devil itself. She looks so kind and innocent, but beware she is pure evil. The Cruel Ella Outfit was just released to go with the Cruel Ella Hair released last week.
APR 26
RPublishing's newest release Metal Realm is the latest collaboration with Danie & Marforno.

The Metal Realm is a post apocalyptic, industrial, grunge setting with stages and backdrop props to meet all of your sci-fi or fantasy illustrations. The Metal Realm comes with 5 scenes, 5 props and 10 poses for V4 (with mirrored versions).

APR 06

RPublishing in collaboration with Rhiannon is proud to present the

Coquine Clothing & Boots

MAR 16

RPublishing in collaboration with Danie, marforno, and Rhiannon are proud to present the
Priestess Sanctuary
& Priestess of the Sun Outfit 

MAR 02
Here Comes the Bride and she can be dressed in all white or several combinations of white with black accents.  A special Wedding Updo Hair was created to go with the bridal gown and several textures artists (kaleya, renapd, and Sveva) have created some amazing looking add-ons. With these add-ons, the Wedding Dress can even serve as a Prom Dress or a Bridesmaid gown. The versatility of the Wedding Dress from RPublishing and Propschick is simply amazing!
FEB 27

RPublishing's PRIME products are great way to save on quality products. At only $3.50 each, you don't want to miss out on the PRIME Classics that are only available for a Limited Time.

As one of Renderosity's premier vendors, RPublishing is proud to be a PRIME participant. RPublishing currently has 7 permanent products and a Classic Prime product that will be expiring soon, and you don't want to miss this awesome deal. New products are added to the PRIME area regularly, so make sure you check back often.

FEB 15

Remember Little Red Riding Hood? Well, Little Red back and she will no longer be defeated by anyone. She's now a grown woman who has been trained in martial arts so she has no fear of the Big Bad Wolf.

The Little Red project is made up of several vendors and products, RPublishing & Propschick created the outfit, Sabby & .Seven. made the character, Sveva created add-on textures for the outfit, and -Wolfie- made add-on textures for the hair. 

JAN 28

Two new products, Elven Desire Outfit and the Elven Desire Hair were released today. These amazing models were created by RPublishing, Rhiannon and Propschick.

For all of you PRIME members, you're in luck!  Elven Desire Hair is a PRIME product.

JAN 13

The Sand Heiress Outfit and Hair were build specific with the other in mind. Inspired by the classic Dune novels, RPublishing and Propschick are proud to present you with a fabulous duo.

From the sand desert comes unthinkable creatures living in the dunes, slithering through the sand and it's someone's destiny to keep the world safe from it's quickly growing population of unimaginable terrors. The Sand Heiress has been handed down this task through a long bloodline of amazing warriors to keep the world peaceful.

JAN 06
Star Enchantress is the recent release from RPublishing and Propschick. The Star Enchantress product has been steadily working its way up the What's Hot list at Renderosity. The outfit comes in several layers, so that you can mix and match with many different pieces of clothing.
DEC 17
RPublishing has teamed with several top-quality vendors, Rhiannon, marforno, Propschick and Gordana to bring you 3 new themed products that were recently released in December. With the Gypsy Love Outfit, Hair and Tent, this project was all about the Gypsy!
NOV 18
Onryo's Vengeance is a mythological spirit from Japanese folklore who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek her vengeance. She is said to have long, black, wild and unkept hair, a white burial kimono, and have a painted face.

Onryo is the latest collaborative work between Rhiannon and RPublishing.
NOV 08
Though the Sneak Peek for ANARCHY is over, Anarchy is back to stay.

Anarchy is her way of life. She is an individualist. She is defiant. She is free from control. She creates her own destiny. She does not ask for forgiveness. She is immune to dominant forces and popular opinion. She fights for her freedom. SHE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!
NOV 07
RPublishing is pleased to announce that it has signed another top 3D modeler, Propschick, to a multi-product deal. Propschick has always had a love for the arts long before getting involved with 3d modeling. She’s been drawing since she was five years old, and with a father who is a retired architect, and a mother who is a brilliant watercolor painter and photographer, she has received a lot of encouragement in her love of art. She has even worked freelance for a variety of independent films, commercials and videos, including a pilot pitch for Showtime, sound for an episode of Penn and Teller and even starred in a production of a small Wisconsin film.
OCT 03
RPublishing, a subsidiary of Renderosity.com, is pleased to announce that it has signed one of the top 3D modelers, Rhiannon, to a ground-breaking, multi-product deal.

Before becoming interested in 3D, Rhiannon worked for the marketing group in Jack Daniel‘s Nashville offices. About five years ago, the single mom decided to make a fresh start as a full time 3D modeler and artist. She already had a passion for 3D art, and was an avid user of the Bryce and Poser 3D software tools.

Since that time, she has developed her skills and learned to model in Cinema4D. She is now one of the most accomplished and successful 3D content developers in the 3D character community. She resides in the peaceful, sleepy town of Lebanon, Tennessee just outside Nashville with her son, her cat Marbles and her Pit Bull, Goliath. Working from her home office, Rhiannon has made a reputation for herself as a quality provider of 3d models, character sets, and she is a viable brand in the CG art industry.
SEP 22
The latest RPublishing project was a joint effort with outoftouch.  Our concept was to create a mix between an anime vixen and a character you might in one of today's video games. We are pleased with the final outcome of this project, the Tenshi Warrior, mainly because the pieces just fell into place and completed works are so true to our original concept.
JUL 01
To date, the Roaring Twenties project in May of 2011 was the largest project that RPublishing has facilitated. Eleven top-notch vendors (listed below) collaborated to create eighteen 1920s inspired quality products.


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